Simon & Garfunkel 1968

1968-01-26 Philadelphia, Convention Hall
Schermafbeelding 2016-09-05 om 20.50.23

1968-01-27  New York City, USA, Carnegie Hall (early show ; 08:00 pm)
1968-01-27  New York City, USA, Carnegie Hall (late show; 00:00 am)
1968-01-28 Boston, USA, Boston Symphony Hall
1968-02-03 NBC Studio, TV Serie ‘Kraft Music Hall’
1968-02-04 Sacramento, CA, USA, Memorial Auditorium


1968-02-08 Grand Rapids, MI, Grand Rapids Civic Auditorium (sponsored by Davenport College and Grand Rapids Junior College)
1968 -02-10  Pittsburgh, PA,  Syria Mosque
1968-02-11 Buffalo (NY), Kleinhans Music Hall
1968-02-16 Lancaster, USA, Franklin & Marshall College

1968-02-18 Durham, University of New Hampshire, Field House
1968-02-20 Minneapolis, Auditorium
1968-02-23 Atlanta Municipal Auditorium
1968-02-24 Bloomington, Indiana University, Auditorium (9 45 pm)
1968-02-25 Bloomington, Indiana University, Auditorium (3 pm)

1968-03-03 Manchester, Odeon Theatre
1968-03-04 Edinburgh, Usher Hall
1968-03-08 London, Royal Albert Hall (cancelled because Art was ill)

1968-03-29 Pasadena Civic Arena

Simon & Garfunkel 1968 March 29.png

May 2nd 1968 Poster

1968-03-31 Los Angeles, USA,  UCLA,  Royce Hall
1968-04-05 University of Rochester, Palestra
Simon & Garfunkel 1968 April 5.png
1968-04-06 Evanston, USA, Northwestern University,McGaw Memorial Hall
1968-04-07 Iowa City, University of Iowa
1968-04-08 University of Oklahoma, Field House (also mentioned to have been held on April 13th)
1968-04-13 Miami Beach, Miami Beach Auditorium
1968-04-18 Palestra, University of Penssylvania (Eugene McCarthy Benefit)
Simon & Garfunkel 1968 April 18.png
1968-04-19  Allentown, Muhlenberg College, Memorial Hall (mentioned in yearbook 1968)
1968-04-20 Ithaca, NY, Cornell University – Barton Hall
1968-04-21 Columbus, OH Veterans Memorial Auditorium – 7:30pm.
1968-04-25 El Paso, University Of new Mexico,  Memorial Gym

1968-04-26 San Francisco, Masonic Temple
1968-04-27 Fort Worth, TX, Daniel Meyer Colliseum
1968-05-02 Indianapolis, USA, Coliseum (Eugene McCarthy Benefit)
simon-garfunkel-1968-may-2  simon-garfunkel-1968-may-2_2
1968-05-04 Boston Boston College / Roberts Center
1968-05-07 Indiana (Eugene McCarthy Benefit)


1968-05-30 Birmingham, Town Hall

1968-05-31 London, Royal Albert Hall (replacement for the cancelled March 8th show)

Forest Hills 17081968 Matches front Forest Hills 17081968 Matches sideways Forest Hills 17081968 Matches down

1968-08-16 Kiel Auditorium
1968-08-17 Forest Hills Forest Hills Tennis Stadium
1968-08-18 Forest Hills Forest Hills Tennis Stadium
1968-08-19 Saratoga Saratoga Peforming Arts Center
1968-08-22 Phoenix, Coliseum
Simon & Garfunkel 1968 August 22.png

1968-06-26 San Francisco – Cow Palace

1968-08-19 Saratoga Springs (NY), Performing Arts Center
1968-08-22 Phoenix Memorial Coliseum
1968-08-23 Hollywood, Hollywood Bowl
(also on the same bill: The Young Rascals, Eric Burdan and The Animals, Yeloow Payges)  / there is also mentioning of a show on August 21st, but not confirmed so far /

  Hollywood 19680823

Here’s a radio-spot for the August 23rd show:

1968-08-24 Honollulu, Hawai, HIC Arena
1968-10-04 Columbus, Ohio State University,  St. John Arena
1968-10-05 Rochester, War Memorial
1968-10-06 Syracuse War Memorial
1968-10-13 Burlington, VT, Memorial Auditorium
1968-10-11 College Park University of Maryland / Cole Field House

S&G 11101968 Cole Field House 19681118 S&G 18101968 Univ Oregon
1968-10-12 Durham, NC,  Duke University
1968-10-13 Burlington, University of Vermont, Memorial Auditorium
1968-10-18 Eugene, USA, Univ of Oregon or
1968-10-18 Portland, OR, Memorial Colliseum

19681020 Simon & Garfunkel Corvallis Gill Museum

1968-10-20 Corvallis, OR, Gill Coliseum
1968-10-25 Athens, Ohio University
1968-10-27 Cleveland, Public Hall
1968-11-01 Toledo, University of Toledo
1968-11-02 Madison, Dane County Memorial Coliseum
1968-11-03 Memphis, TN,   Mid-South Coliseum
1968-11-08 Tulsa, Assembly Center

1968-11-09 Lincoln, Pershing Municipal Auditorium
1968-11-10 Des Moines KRNT Theater
1968-11-15 Omaha, NE    Civic Auditorium
1968-11-16 Seattle, University of Washington
1968-11-24 Albuqurque, NM,
1968-11-17 Anaheim, US, Anaheim Convention Center
1968-11-24 Albuquerque, University of New Mexico


to be added:
1968-00-00 Austin, University of Texas (mentioned in yearbook ‘ 1968 Cactus’) with Sergio Mendes
1968-04(??)00 Houston

42 thoughts on “Simon & Garfunkel 1968

  1. Hello,

    According to the Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem NC “Howler” yearbook, Class of 1968, Simon and Garfunkel appeared on campus for Homecoming Weekend. (Likely in October 1967.)

  2. 10-4-68 was in COLUMBUS – not
    1968-10-04 Coulmbia, Ohio State University, St. John Arena

    I have a ticket stub for that concert.

    my husband went

    mezzanine section 8a

  3. Hello,

    I’ve come across two dates in 1968, one a correction for an existing gig. The new concert is:

    Fri 15 NOV Omaha, NE Civic Auditorium (advert – Omaha World Herald 10/24/68, p 15)
    (review – Omaha World Herald 11/16/68, p 8)

    *Fri 18 OCT Portland,OR Memorial Coliseum (advert – Oregonian 10/9/68, p 15)
    (review – Oregonian 10/19/68, p 7)

    *This is a correction for this date previously listed at Eugene, OR.

  4. Hello,

    In the ‘Old Friends’ box set, there are three recordings from a concert in Burlington, VT on 10/13/68. The songs recorded are:
    – “Overs”
    – “A Most Peculiar Man”
    – “Bye Bye Love”

    There isn’t much coverage of this concert, and I was wondering if you had any info whatsoever on said concert — any confirmation?

    1. How could I have forgotten to add this one to the list? Thank you for mentioning it and bringing it under my attention. So far nothing in the press about this concert has been found. I have concert in Burlington in the 1967 calendar, if you you google it there’s also a mentioning for a 1969 performance. I will keep an eye out for more information, sure!

    1. Joe, thanks! As a high school kid, I attended the 2/3/68 concert with my now-wife Linda.
      If you please, where and how did your detective work uncover this overlooked event?
      Last night – 50 years later – we heard Art here in SD again. With him we say “Thank God!”
      Jim S.

  5. Hello,

    I’ve discovered a new concert date in April 1968:

    Sunday 21 April Columbus, OH Veterans Memorial Auditorium – 7:30pm.
    (citation: Ohio State University “Lantern”, Sat 15 April, page 2)

    It appears there was no review of this show.

  6. Thanks for the useful information on these gig dates.

    I remaster live gig recordings found on the internet, and with a little studio magic, make them sound as great as possible – then broadcast them on internet radio. I have chosen a great S & G recording which exists of the Hollywood Bowl show from 1968 for my next show.

    The station is Radio Happy, on the web at and also available on the TuneIn app for phones and tablets.

    This show will be on the air on Tuesday 27 August at 7pm UK time with an hour of 60s tunes; the S & G show will then start at 8pm. A free download link will appear a few days later at I hope this is of interest.

  7. Hello again,

    I’ve got a new concert date:

    Sunday 3 November 1968 Memphis, TN Mid-South Coliseum
    (review: Memphis Commercial Appeal Monday 4 November, page 14)
    The review mentioned that 7,074 people attended the performance and hecklers caused some problems at the beginning of the show but eventually were won over.

  8. Hello again,

    I forgot to include this in my last post:

    Sat 27 April 1968 Fort Worth, TX TCU (Texas Christian University) Daniel Meyer Coliseum
    One performance, 8pm.

    (citation: Dallas Morning News Sat 13 April 1968, section A, page 16.
    It appears there was no review of the show in the Dallas Morning News, there may have been one in the University student newspaper.

  9. The show marked: 1968-05-08 Davenport, MI, Davenport College, Civic Auditorium, was actually February 8,1968 and was in Grand Rapids, Michigan not Davenport. The show was sponsored by Davenport College and Grand Rapids Junior College. It was held in the Civic Auditorium. This information can be seen on the ticket scan.

    1. Thank yopu fopr your info. I mis-typed the date into 05 as it seems. But now I have been able to change it with the correct city too. Much appreciated.

      1. One last point. The venue had nothing to do with Davenport College. It was the Grand Rapids Civic Auditorium. Davenport was just a sponsor of the event.

  10. I saw them at St. John’s arena in Columbus, Ohio. It was my very first concert (I was seven!) and I remember that someone boo-ed something they said and my father yelled, “For shame!” I learned to harmonize from listening to their albums and those of Peter, Paul, and Mary.

  11. So excited! I have looked everywhere for the date/location of the concert I went to when I was about 16. (1968-69). It was either TCU or SMU, and was the most magical time. Small crowd, just the two of them and their guitars. I think the 4/13/68 appearance mentioned above was the one I went to….does anyone know if they also appeared in Fort Worth at that time? Not everyone knew about them, so, it may have been the smaller TCU venue at the college. Any pics of tiks, etc? Thanks!

  12. Hi – Not sure if anybody else has mentioned this, but although the Royal Albert Hall gig on 8 March ’68 was indeed, as Billboard described, sold out, it didn’t actually happen – it was cancelled at (very) short notice because Art was ill… The later date at the same venue (31 May) was introduced to compensate.

  13. Saw the Athens, Ohio concert in October 1968. Wish I had the ticket stub! First live concert I ever saw at age 18! It was great!

  14. I blog quite often and I really appreciate your information. Your article has really peaked my interest. I’m going to book mark your website and keep checking for new information about once per week. I opted in for your Feed too.

  15. I saw S&G at Merriweather Post Pavilion (Columbia MD) in August 1968 but cannot find any website listing that concert. It was mentioned briefly in articles about the 50th anniversary of Merriweather last year but somehow is left out of S&G concert listings on and Paul Simon’s website among other sites. Does anyone have more information about this concert to include the actual date?

    1. Rick, I have to update my listings at the blog, which I hope to do second part of coming May.

      But I have date for the Post Pavillion concert:

      – August 15 post pavilion, Columbia

      Hope that helps,


  16. The concert you show as:
    1968-02-04 ?, USA, Memorial Auditorium
    …was in Sacramento, California. I was there. Met Paul and Art at Freeborn Hall in Davis before their show the following day.
    You have the handbill/poster for it already, several items below the date. It is the one that’s mostly green and yellow.

  17. I beg pardon. Part of that last post was inaccurate. I wasn’t at the Feb. 4 1968 concert at Memorial Auditorium. It was the April 8 1967 concert that I saw at Memorial Auditorium. The show at Freeborn Hall in Davis was the next day, April 9 1967.

    1. Hello Bob, thank you for the info you sent. Much appreciated, as all info from people who were actually at these shows. I changed the list immediately.
      I have still some 100 concerts to add the list, which I will do soon now.

  18. Taken from library archives at Colorado State University.

    On November 22, 1968, singers and songwriters Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel performed to a packed house at Moby Gym.

    (CSU Rocky Mountain Collegian, November 4, 1968, page 5, vol. LXXVII, number 26)
    (CSU Rocky Mountain Collegian, November 25, 1968, page 13, vol. LXXVII, number 35)

    1. Well thank you for this concert date . This one is indeed not on the list that I have (a new one and more complete will be on the blog soon), so I will add this one.
      Again, thank you, much appreciated this information.

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